Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any up-front costs?

No up-front costs are required to get started with your Kids Kreations art fundraiser.

What percentage of profit will our organization make?

Your organization can receive up to 40% profit with each sale.

For example, your organization could profit over $6.30 for the sale of just one set of note cards. Your organization could profit over $11.45 for the sale of THE LARGE cutting board!

Can multiple products be ordered from one piece of artwork?

Yes. Artwork can be processed into any of our current products in horizontal and vertical orientation. Any quantity of any product can be ordered from anywhere in the world. Orders for a product can even be placed years later.

My organization is small. What is your minimum order for participation?

There is no minimum order required for implementing this fundraiser using kids’ art. Small organizations generally have a great return on sales!

What makes Kids Kreations unique?

  • Kids Kreations offers your organization high profits - up to 40%.
  • Each participating artist receives a free page of 14 stickers if you choose our Free Sticker Program.
  • We offer high quality, personalized products with some of the lowest pricing found anywhere.
  • We continually add many unique products to our lineup, designed by and specifically for our company - Kids Kreations.
  • We allow multiple images to be submitted.
  • We offer free personalization on many of our products.
  • We are flexible and will do our best to accommodate your school/organization’s unique requirement.

My PTO/PTA fundraising committee would like to receive more information to better help us decide if a Kids Kreations artwork fundraiser is right for us.

  • The quickest way to receive information regarding project details, pricing and profits is to print our Fundraising Information Packet.
  • To receive free product samples and project information by mail, complete the Request Information Packet form.
  • You may also call us toll free at 1-866-652-3770. We are happy to explain this artwork project to you and answer any of your questions.

How do we begin working with Kids Kreations?

To get started with this unique artwork fundraiser, simply call us toll free at 1-866-652-3770. We will need to know the number of students in your organization. We will then help you determine a timeline that best suits your organization’s schedule. We will overview this project and answer any questions you may have. Your free Materials Packet will be shipped by Fed Ex, UPS, or the United States Post Service.

Please explain how your two art fundraising programs work.

  • Free Sticker Program Overview
    View this page for more details.
  • Send Home Art Fundraiser
    View this page for more details.
  • Virtual Program Overview
    View this page for more details.

There seems to be a lot of back and forth with the Free Sticker Program. Please further explain this art fundraising program that you offer.

With our Free Sticker Fundraiser, parents can preview their child’s artwork on a personalized brochure and free set of stickers. Also, parents can purchase products online.

The Free Sticker Fundraiser does require an extra step, however, in our years of experience, sales greatly increase - especially for larger organizations (over 100 students).

How can my organization maximize sales?

Three keys to running a successful Kids Kreations art fundraiser...

  • Create quality artwork
    • Enlist the assistance of your school‘s art teacher or other creative adult to guide kids with the art creation process.
    • Artwork projects can be easily incorporated into lesson plans without causing distraction in curricula.
    • Help kids make attractive art creations that families want to remember on their customized keepsakes!
  • Promote and advertise your artwork fundraising event
    • Mount provided display products in high-traffic areas of your school.
    • Display products at parent-attended school events (Open House, Spring Fling, Fall Festival, School Play, etc.).
    • Send flyers home with students to announce this art fundraising project (prior to and during the event).
    • Announce your Kids Kreations artwork fundraiser in your school‘s newspaper, social media pages, or email updates.
  • Identify the purpose of your fundraiser
    • Let families know the goal and purpose for your profits. This way, parents are more likely to contribute!

My school does not have an art program, so teachers, art docents or parents will be guiding student art projects in class. What suggestions do you have for helping students create their artwork?

  • Ensure teacher and student understand the goal is to create an attractive piece of art that both student and family will want displayed on their keepsake products.
    • Flowers are great sellers
    • Abstract art does not sell well.
    • Self-portraits that do not resemble the artist will not sell.
    • Remember - Great Artwork results in Great Sales!
  • Have an organized, directed, age-appropriate art lesson for each class.
  • For each class, choose and use a single art theme. This promotes class unity while making it easier for teachers, art docents, or parents to implement.
  • No need to develop new art lessons each year.
    • Select one art lesson that works well for each grade.
    • Implement the same lesson for the same grade each year.
    • This way, students will automatically create art of a different theme every year, providing variety for their keepsake products.
  • Visit our age-appropriate Pinterest Boards for a wide selection of art lesson plans

The art teacher in our school will not be able to help with this project. Can we just send the blank drawing paper home for students to complete there?

No. Sending blank drawing paper home for completion always results in poor sales and is a waste of your time and energy! Your sales are directly related to the quality of artwork created. The best quality of artwork will be created in art class or some organized, supervised art lesson. If the art teacher is not able to assist, here are a few suggestions...

  • Implement this art fundraiser at a later date when your art teacher can help. With a little planning, art creation sessions for this fundraiser can be incorporated into the art curriculum and run as regular art classes.
    • You may help to persuade your art teacher to participate by offering a percentage of your profits to the art program.
    • Let your art teacher know that he/she may implement this fundraiser with most of the popular lesson plans that he/she already uses.
  • Enlist the help of creative teachers and/or parents with artistic talents to oversee the drawing process during study hall, homeroom or break time.
  • Note: If your only option is to send blank drawing paper home for completion, then Kids Kreations is not the fundraising project for you. If this is your only choice, we encourage your organization to delay this fundraiser until you can find a suitable supervisor for your art creation sessions.

My school‘s annual Parent‘s Night has a great parent turn out. Could we sell the Kids Kreations products at our event?

We‘ve seen good results with implementing our Kids Kreations project this way. Here‘s how it works...

  • Have children create original works of art at school, prior to your event.
  • File the artwork according to the artist‘s grade or teacher, for easy access.
  • Set up a Kids Kreations booth at your event, with all of our products on display.
  • When parents visit your booth, retrieve their child’s filed artwork for their viewing.
  • Allow parents to complete order forms and purchase products on site.
  • For families that did not attend the event, send the artwork packet home with the artist.

Note: Please let us know if you plan to implement your project this way. We can offer some helpful hints.

What products do you offer?

Please refer to the Online Store. We are continually adding new items and encourage requests for future products. Many of our products were developed in our print shop and are unique to Kids Kreations.

Do you offer assistance in promoting the Kids Kreations fundraiser?

  • Yes! We will send you free promotional materials. Advertise your art fundraising event by displaying these products at your school‘s Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Book Fair or Family Night. When your event is over, display the items in a high traffic area of your school - foyer, cafeteria, office, etc.
  • Visit Successful Fundraising Tips and Quality Artwork Guidelines for detailed help.
  • Visit Artwork Projects and click on links to other websites with helpful student artwork projects.

Explain shipping costs

  • Free Sticker Program
    • Kids Kreations provides a postage paid label for you to return the artwork
    • Your organization is only responsible for shipping the completed order forms and extra supplies back to Kids Kreations. Choosing a flat rate box or envelope at the post office is very economical.
    • You may choose to keep our sample products for your next Kids Kreations fundraising event.
  • Send Home Art Program
    • Your organization is only responsible for shipping the completed order forms, artwork, and extra supplies to Kids Kreations. Choosing a flat rate box or envelope at the post office is very economical.
    • You may choose to keep our sample products for your next Kids Kreations fundraising event.
  • Affordable Shipping Charges
    • On each order form, parents pay a shipping cost of $1.00 per product, up to and no more than $5.00 for orders to be returned to the organization.
    • For example, shipping cost for a large, heavy cutting board is $1.00. Shipping cost for 10 products is only $5.00. Remember, the US Post Office charges $.50+ cents for just a small, 1 ounce piece of mail and would charge $10.00+ for shipping that same one large cutting board. KK offers very affordable shipping!
    • Shipping Charges cover the following costs to ensure safe order arrival: Packaging materials for each child’s individual order; Labor costs for individually packaging each item; shipping charges and insurance charges.
    • Your organization does not receive profit from shipping charges.

When does our organization receive payment?

As soon as orders start coming in! Your organization receives profits up-front! Here‘s an overview...

  • Deposit the received payments from parents into your organization‘s account.
  • Make out one check for 50% of the amount you deposited. Mail the check and orders to Kids Kreations. Note: This down payment is only required of organizations who are not participating in online sales.
  • When we ship your products, Kids Kreations will send a final invoice.

What types of drawing materials work best?

  • Have the artist draw big and fill up the entire 8.5“ x 11“ drawing paper with bold colored markers, paints, darker crayons, medium to darker watercolors, oil pastels and paper collages.
  • Click on Quality Artwork Guidelines for more helpful hints!

What type of drawing materials should not be used?

  • No light colored pencils or light colored crayons.
  • No fluorescents or metallics.
  • No glitter. Glitter appears as brown spots after scanning.
  • No chalk. It is just too messy!
  • These materials do not process well and the consumer will be disappointed with the end product.
  • Have student fill up the drawing paper with bold and beautiful colors for best results!
  • By law, we are unable to reproduce copyrighted items like Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Hulk, coloring pages, stamps, stickers, etc. Artwork displaying copyrighted items will be returned without processing.

Our organization would like to sell note card sets at various school events throughout the year. Can we submit a variety of images and purchase note card sets in volume?

Yes, volume orders are welcomed. Any of our products may be purchased in volume. We will accept various sized artwork through volume orders. Contact Kids Kreations for special pricing.

How are the orders sent to us?

  • Kids Kreations will ship your orders by FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Each order will contain the original order form. Orders will be separated by grade and further sorted into individual student bags for easy send home distribution. There are some items which Kids Kreations cannot insert into individual student bags due to risk of damage to the items (e.g. mugs, vases, and bottle orders); these items are packages separately and will have to be distributed to students‘ bags by your organization. In order to prevent damage to artwork, Kids Kreations will usually package art by grade and not individual student bags.
  • Large orders are shipped by Fed Ex and/or UPS. For your convenience, we will email you a tracking number.
  • Small orders are shipped by the US Postal Service.

Can people outside of our organization participate?

Yes! More participants result in more profits!

Are students‘ original works of art returned?

Yes. Original drawings will be returned with the Personalized brochures or at the end of the Send Home fundraiser.

Our organization has decided to implement this project with our elementary school. Should we include preschoolers?

  • Yes! No child is too young to participate.
  • A significant portion of sales are made in the preschool division.
  • Naturally, younger participants will require more assistance. Best selling projects for preschool children include...footprints, handprints, finger painted art, thumbprint and fingerprint pictures with adult embellishments.
  • Don‘t forget to write the child‘s name and date on these precious keepsakes.
  • View Artwork Projects for more ideas, examples and lesson plans.

By offering many different products, I am concerned this may cause confusion during the ordering process. Should my organization offer just a couple of products?

Remember that people have varying tastes and preferences. By offering a variety of products, we are able to target more people. Through many years of experience, Kids Kreations has found that organizations offering all of our products gain much larger profits. Parents find our brochure & order form to be very organized & user friendly. And remember, we prepackage all of the orders so there is less for you to do!

Can calendar orders be placed in the middle of the year?

Yes. Depending on the time of the year, Kids Kreations will design your 14-month calendar displaying the appropriate months.

  • Fall orders will display a 14-month December to January format.
  • Spring orders will display an academic 14-month May to June format.

Will you accept artwork on various sizes of paper?

No. Our in-house print shop is set up for drawing paper sized 8.5“ x 11“. You may use any non-lined paper rectangle sized 8.5“ x 11“. Do not use square paper for kids art creations.

Can future orders be placed from artwork that has been submitted in the past?

Yes, future orders are encouraged. We keep artwork on file for at least 5 years.
Visit Individual Orders.

Our Kids Kreations artwork fundraiser deadline has passed, and we are still receiving orders.

What a great problem to have!

  • Many schools find it helpful to set a second submission deadline for straggler orders.
  • Kids Kreations will accept late orders and we try our best to incorporate them with your initial order. But we cannot guarantee.
  • You may refer parents with late orders directly to us. We gladly accept individual orders.