Melissa & Lance Stewart

After working many years in the education field, Lance and Melissa Stewart quickly realized the necessity of fundraising projects. Unfortunately, most fundraisers were found to do little to boost creativity, self-expression, or a sense of pride and ownership for the student.

Combining Lance‘s attention to detail and Melissa‘s creativity, Kids Kreations began March 2000.

The mission of Kids Kreations is to assist organizations in raising valuable funds while promoting individuality and self-expression through transforming original artwork into a growing line of professionally printed products.

We take pride in developing unique artwork keepsakes that document the youth and individuality of each child during these precious, fleeting years.

Kids Kreations serves schools through PTO and PTA and Art Programs throughout the nation. A growing segment of churches, daycares, Girl Scouts, and MOPS groups are also participating in this family-friendly art fundraiser.

We strive for excellence in every area, focusing on quality products, customer service, and satisfaction.

Let Kids Kreations assist your organization with your next fundraiser by transforming artwork into precious keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.