successful fundraising tips

Determinants of Fundraising Success

Over the years, Kids Kreations has assisted schools in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Year after year we have made a point of paying attention to highly successful and less than successful fundraising campaigns. And we can now confidently point you to the top three essentials for fundraising success and profitability with Kids Kreations.

Here they are: Quality Artwork; Proper Promotion; and Parent Awareness of Your Fundraising Goal.

Quality Artwork

Here‘s a tried and true formula...

  • Poor Artwork equals Poor Sales. Good Artwork equals Good Sales. Great Artwork equals Great Sales.
  • Quality Artwork is essential for this fundraising event to be profitable for your organization. A little time, direction, and guidance spent with the artists during the creation process will ensure the artwork is of good quality. Enlisting the assistance of your school‘s art teacher is ideal for this project. If an art teacher is not available, recruit an adult to oversee the drawing process.
  • You will be very disappointed in sales if blank drawing paper is sent home for completion and ordering. If this is your only option, then Kids Kreations is not the fundraising project for you. Sending home blank paper will be a waste of your time and effort! We encourage your organization to delay this project until you can coordinate the artwork creation with an art teacher or other creative, artistic adult.
  • • We understand that many school art programs have been removed due to budget cuts. You may not have access to an art teacher. In order to make this process fun and easy for you, we have developed specialized Pinterest Boards to offer you easy, step-by-step art lessons and videos to make beautiful artwork creations with your students! Now it is easier than ever to integrate this project into your current lessons and holiday activities.

Proper Promotion

  • Kids Kreations supports your organization by providing free drawing canvas paper, sample products, full color brochures, posters and send-home announcements. We work very hard to ensure that your organization is provided with quality materials needed to promote your artwork fundraising event!
  • After receiving your Materials Packet, display the actual product samples in a high-traffic area of your school (foyer, office, cafeteria, etc) while your fundraising event is taking place.
  • To further advertise your fundraising project, exhibit the product samples at your parent-attended school events (Open House, Fall Festival, Book Fair, etc.).

Ensuring Parents are Fully Aware of your Fundraising Goal

Let families know the goal and purpose for your profits:

  • Are you helping the art department purchase a much-needed kiln?
  • Does your school need a new entrance sign?
  • Is your PTO raising money to help donate funds to a needy family?

Parents are more likely to contribute when realizing their money is going toward a worthwhile effort.

Think Outside the Box to Find Additional Sources of Revenue

  • Our in-house print shop offers flexibility in working with your organization, especially when printing mass quantities of one product or image. Feel free to inquire about pricing for special orders.
  • Increase sales by targeting your community gift shop, bookstore, and grocery store. Specialty stores are always looking for new creative products to sell while taking pride in supporting purposeful fundraising projects.
  • Combine efforts with a local museum or zoo. Set up a booth at popular children's exhibits where artwork can be created, and products can be purchased on site. Divide profits between your organization and the museum or zoo. Involve local Boy and Girl Scout groups, Church groups, daycares, Headstarts, kindergartens, friends, and neighbors in your fundraising project.
  • Many companies send out promotional products to their customers; examples include calendars, holiday note cards, company labeled memo pads, mouse pads, etc. Partner with the local company to select an image drawn during your project or provide the company‘s logo.
  • Set up an artwork contest. Select winners. Kids Kreations can mass print any of our current products to be sold at your school bookstore, or during community and school events. For example, magnets and mugs are great sellers all year round. Note cards and memo pads can be printed with a different image on each page..