We have collected a few comments from our customers over the years. Here’s what people are saying about Kids Kreations.

“You are a great business to work with (and just pleasant people, too!)” – Julia

“Thank you so much! You are always so kind and helpful - one of the reasons we keep coming back year after year!” – Kathy, WA

“As usual, I am thrilled with the work and service from Kids Kreations. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from happy parents and kids. Nice job!” - Michelle, NH

“I teach Art at a K-6 school in northern California and have had the pleasure of working with Kids Kreations for the past several years on our art fundraisers. Our parents and students alike look forward to this very successful fundraiser each year. The quality of our finished products is always fantastic…. our students are thrilled when they see their artwork printed on “real” products! The customer service at Kids Kreations is also excellent. They always meet their deadlines and handle any problems that come up (there have been very few) in a timely manner. I have consistently been very impressed with their company and recommend them whole-heartedly!” Cheryl, CA

“We received everything and I took it all to school today and met with rave reviews!” – Lisa, SC

“We just received the last box today. Thank you for all of your hard work. Every year I’m amazed at how well you process all of the orders that you get. Thanks again. Until next year” - Pat, DE

“I wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful fundraiser. Everyone has really enjoyed their items.” – Lisset

“We received the brochures and stickers and distributed them today. Let me take a moment to say how much I love the brochure! Having each child’s art and product samples on the front is brilliant! I also appreciate how you personalized the front and filled in a portion of the order form!! That was one of my peeves last year...parents filled it out incorrectly or inconsistently. I’m sure all this makes it easier for you in the processing end, too.” Thank you! – Laura, WA

“We are very happy with all the products! The quality was fantastic.” - Fay,PA

“Everyone is enjoying their products immensely. I haven’t heard of any disappointments. I commented several times, while unpacking ‘what a great and professional job you guys do.’ So let me tell you now what a great job you guys do of making the products and keeping all of those orders straight. You put happiness into a lot of people’s lives!” Thanks again - Pat

“Wonderful! It’s been a pleasure working on the fundraiser, as this year was my first year doing it! You all made it so easy and parents at our school say that this is their favorite!!!!” - Debbie

“I have to tell you we are so thrilled with this fundraiser and with the Kids Kreations products. Also you have been great. We are working with another company with a completely different product and their customer service is terrible! You have been outstanding to work with. It’s been a joy! :)” - Jenn, IL

“We were a little hesitant to try the online orders, but so glad we did – our sales doubled!” - Maureen, CT

““I’ve been running the Kids Kreations fundraiser for my school’s PTA for the past 2 years. It’s a very easy fundraiser that one or two people can run with the help of an art teacher. It helped that we had an excellent art teacher who was willing to lead the students in creating the art used on the Kids Kreations products. The art teacher ultimately does much of the work in this fundraiser (helping the kids produce the kind of art that would look good on products and labeling the art so the correct names are attached). As the fundraiser chair, I just had to mail the art work to Kids Kreations and handle the orders. In my second year in this role, Kids Kreations made it even simpler by allowing online ordering. But, they still allowed paper orders for those parents not comfortable with using their credit card on the internet. The Kids Kreations staff has always been very accommodating. I’ve had parents miss the order deadline, comment that colors did not match (despite warnings on the order form saying colors may not match completely), comment that art work was cropped (despite warnings on the order form saying art work may be cropped to fit the product) yet the Kids Kreations staff went above and beyond to ensure the customer was satisfied. The products make wonderful gifts for family members and great keepsakes for the students.” - Kim, MI

“I want to let you know how happy I was with the excellent quality of the product (folded mirror) I ordered through my grandson’s school, in Plymouth MN. I was expecting something less durable. Of course, we’re thrilled with his artwork on it. Thank you, and we wish you much success.” - Lisa

“Paula emails Lance: Do you have a supervisor? One that I could report your outstanding customer service? Lance replies to Paula: That would be my wife :) . We developed Kids Kreations in 2000 and run the business as partners. She’s the creative one and I try to figure out how to get it done.